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Squalene - High Purity (Softgel Capsules)


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Squalene is naturally produced by the human body, being one of the skin components.
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1000mg softgel capsules (40 units Halal certified)

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As the human body gets older, the liver reduces its Squalene production rate, causing skin ageing and dryness.
Its molecule was discovered by the japanese Mitsumanu Tsujimito, playing an important role in the biosynthesis of sterols.
Squalene contributes to extra body cells oxigenation and has an anti-bacterial effect, preventing diseases and harm to normal cell development. Its energy booster effect contributes to extra wellbeing.
The highest Squalene concentration and purity is found in the deep sea shark liver oil. These sharks are fished as a by catch of other fisheries such as the black scabbard fish. This is the so called Natural origin Squalene.
There are other sources of Squalene in nature, such as olives and wheat germ oil, but in lower purity. These are the so called Vegetable origin squalene.
Squalene has been taken orally by humans since ages to treat several diseases.
Many published scientific studies also attribute the following functions to Squalene:
- Anti-cancer
- Anti-ulcer
- Tuberculosis healing
- Hepatic desease recovering