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Shark Liver Oil (softgels)

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Shark Liver Oil is a highly precious natural remedy, being used for centuries by fishermen to recover strengh and energy, as well as to prevent and cure colds and flue.
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500mg softgel capsules (70 units Halal certified)

Daily recomended dosage: 1 to 2 capsules

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Research has found that the Alkylglicerols present in mothers' milk stimulate imunity to fight against infections and other diseases.
Shark Liver Oil is 20% rich in Alkylglicerols, naturally stimulating the production of white blood cells and blood platelets.
It is one of the most powerful natural resources to accelerate wounds healing, including burns and infections, retarding the ageing process and helping the human body to recover from hard therapies such as radiotherapy. It also strengthens the nervous system.
Interesting benefits have been found against symptons like cold sweats during menopause.